You want to bring a product or clothing line to the market, but don’t know where to start?

Make your idea tangible

Do you have an idea to market something and do you need help with the realization? We help you convert your idea into a tangible product.

From idea to realization of your passion



We convert your idea to 2 samples, develop the patterns and cutting techniques and ensure that the Techpacks are ready to be produced


Negotiation with suppliers

We will look for the best suppliers to produce your product. Together we determine the right partner. From that moment on, we relieve you of the communication and price negotiation with the suppliers


Nearshore Production

Nearshoring doesn’t have to be a challenge. Thanks to our existing contacts, we can often make production more cost-effective in North Macedonia


3d printing

We can help you convert your ideas or drawings into tangible 3D objects. From 25 pieces we can already realize your design. From art pieces to kitchen hooks. Let us know.

What are the prices?